Senior Backend Developer - rust 🦀 (remote)

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Senior Backend Developer - rust 🦀 (remote)

Job description

TL;DR: Brand new, well-financed & fully remote SaaS startup. The first ~3 months will be intense. Starting salary: $100k/yr + bonuses.

We are Wingback, a new startup building the infrastructure needed to make it easier for anyone in the future to build and grow a SaaS product. We are fully remote.

If you worked for a SaaS startup before, the chances are high that you got asked to build a custom pricing plan with a custom feature set for one specific client at some point. If so, you probably hated the task and no one in your team wanted to work on it either. Wingback makes it possible that developers won’t ever have to do that again.

We are a just starting and you will join a brand new team. Our founders Torben & Yann have already built and exited a startup from zero to a team of dozens of engineers and $1m+ in revenues in the in the past. Wingback is backed by venture capital and outstanding businesss angels so that we have the resources to focus on product for the next 1.5 years. The first customers have already committed to using the product too!

This is your chance to build a new product from scratch and participate in a startups development from the very beginning with experienced founders.

We understand this is not something for everyone. Things will be a bit more chaotic in the beginning as we refine processes and your role will evolve over time.

We want to get our product into the hands of customers as fast as possible so that we can learn from them and start iterating. We have spec’d out a (very) basic first version of the product that can be build in 3 months. We are hiring a team of 6-8 engineers to make that happen.

We will pay extra for these few months since this will be an intense time (in terms of output that has to be delivered - we do not expect anyone to overwork themselves, as that would be counterproductive). We believe the 3 months are also ideal to get to know each other and decide whether we like working together. You can stay on for the future if we fit well together, but there are no hard feelings if you see it as a one-off project either.

What we believe in

When it comes to values behind Wingback, we want to keep things simple: We want to work with great people on great things and achieve maximum impact while ensuring that everyone on the team is enjoying themselves.

Our previous company was one of the earliest supporters of rust and we are committed to continue to support the amazing rust community through sponsorships and open source contributions.

Tech Stack

Rust & Typescript for the backend, Svelte for the frontend, the cloud for deployment. BYOT (bring your own tools, we’re starting from scratch anyway).


  • Your starting gross yearly salary will be $100k.
  • During the first 3 months, we will pay +15%.
  • If we deliver the first version on time, we will pay out a $8k bonus (the bonus criteria will be defined at the beginning of the project with all parties and we will make sure that they’re realistic).

Due to time constraints we will have to hire you as a contractor intially but will aim to move you to full-time employment including full medical, wherever in the world you live, as soon as possible. Wingback is incorporated in the US.

Job requirements

We do not care about your academic degrees or where you are from, but about the stuff you did and what you could create in the future given the right opportunities.